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Million Dollar Jackpots on Your Mobile Phone

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microgaming-mobile-slots-2Do you think it is possible to win a million dollars by playing the slot machines on your mobile phone? Many people would think that they could maybe win a few dollars by playing a mobile slot game, but the reality is in fact very different. The modern day mobile casinos have a lot of games, both slots and table games that have some very large jackpots.

Also included in most mobile casinos are some progressive jackpot games that can have jackpots that go well up into the 7-figure range. These of course are very popular, and the more people that play them the bigger the jackpot gets. So it is not uncommon to see the progressive jackpots start in the 6-figure range and then build up well into the million dollar size.

There have been multiple winners that have won jackpots of over a million dollars, some of them into the multi-million dollar range, all from playing the progressive slot machines on their mobile devices. The fact that mobile gaming is getting more and more popular will only see more people win the ‘big one’ on their mobile phone or tablet.

It is important that you sign up to a good mobile casino if you want to find the best range of mobile games. There is not the wide range of games available for mobile yet that you will find in the regular online casinos, but this is changing fast as people like Microgaming produce more and more HTML5 games. In the next year or two you will definitely see a much higher number of mobile games introduced into the casinos, and this will include both table and slot games.

Of course, the convenience factor of playing on your mobile device is one of the most alluring points to any gambler. To be able to access their favourite games from their phone, and also having the opportunity to win some life-changing jackpots on their device is something that any gambler would welcome with open arms.